Our Mission

Our world is in crisis. Our climate is warming. Our sea levels are rising. We all need to play our part. 
Fashion is now an environmental emergency, contributing to toxic chemical use, water pollution and textile waste.
We now buy 60% more clothes than we did 15 years ago and wear them for half as long. 87% of clothing is incinerated, consigned to landfills or dumped in the natural environment. Nearly 20% of water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment.
Like so many others, we asked ourselves what we could do to help avert a climate catastrophe and build a better, brighter future for all.
Calling on my 10 years’ experience modelling swimwear, I decided to challenge myself to develop a swimwear line that would not deplete our planet’s non-renewable resources. By creating a purely sustainable swimwear brand, I could not just play my part, but act on my lifelong love of animals and my respect for the beauty of our planet. Soon, this became a passion for me.
At Poetry by Locals we strictly say no to any garment dyeing and everything from our packaging to label and garment production is made in a local and ethical work environment.